Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Does Satan Exist?

This is from a Nightline Feature from a few weeks ago.... This has nothing to do with "The Church" Series... but i thought it was interesting. There's 10 Parts of this interview/debate. Watch them all. Very Powerful. Glad Mark Driscoll said what he did and that he had a Bible. "Christians have always believe there are distinctions between the creator and creation.... Rebellion against God caused Moral Evil. Everything God made declared to be very good and all that is very bad is because of sin, which is our responsibility and Satan's"

On the opposing side, Deepak Chopra said "Satan is mythical and that healthy people, don't need Satan."

Check it out for yourself: 


JUST A RIDE said...

There was a discussion similar to this maybe even in response to on The View the other day maybe search for it on YouTube

bart said...

i love driscoll
i have a man crush on him